AFG Amaretto

In Foster Home No Cats
Pet Name: Mari
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle
Birthday: October 1, 2019
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Mari is a high school drop out and headed into the land of retirement.    Mari is new to AFG and we are still learning about her. Could Mari be the hound for you?

Mari is a sweet girl. She has the softest coat. She gets along with all our other greys n english bulldog. She has adapted to our macaw parrot. I do not see her as cat safe though. She loves to gives kisses n hugs. She listens well. She loves to play. She’s adapted very well to the retired lifestyle
Loves her beds n toys and affection. If not in the cat world she’s absolutely perfect. Very docile to other dogs. Seems to be a real pleaser. Think she could learn just about anything anything. She travels well. Never had any accidents in our house. A very beautiful pup with a lot of personality and potential.

AFG Amaretto Foster Profile