AFG Abilene

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Abbie
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: December 1, 2021
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: In memory of all my beloved greyhounds. Sharon Gage

Abbie has come to AFG as an unregistered pup.  She skipped being an athlete an is on the look out for a home to call her own.  Could this cuddly little bouncy black jellybean be the on you are looking for?

Abilene is a sassy, fearless puppy who loves to cuddle and do puppy things. She is a big chewer and will spend all day gnawing on benebones. For being a puppy, she is actually pretty well-behaved, being willing to do what you ask at least 90% of the time. She does NOT abide by the “fosters don’t go on the couch” rule- that’s her one stubborn streak. She LOVES to cuddle and doesn’t understand that she’s not a lap dog. She would lay on your lap for hours if you let her.

Abilene’s favorite things are bones, toys, and nosing around her food. She’ll eventually eat it, but wants to push it around and show it who’s boss for a bit. Abilene is incredibly confident. We have not found anything she’s afraid of. She’s never shown fear in any situation- only curiosity. She likes to believe she’s the alpha of our house and will walk around like she owns the joint. She is the queen of the house.

Abilene had a hip surgery at a young age. While it helped a bit, she will always have some discomfort with that hip and will walk with a limp. She will need a house with a small fenced yard or who wants to leash walk but not for long distances. Due to this hip issue, she won’t be able to run full out or rough house too heavily. She doesn’t let this bother her though and will run, jump, and play (sometimes too much). She will listen if you tell her no and somewhat knows her limits but it’s something to be aware of.

If you’re looking for a sweet, sassy character with some spunk and no fear, Abilene might be right for you!

AFG Abilene Foster Profile