Pet Name:Lexie
Bridge Date:12/11/2020
Color:Red Brindle
Sire:Kiowa Sweet Trey
Dam:Noble Diplomat
Submitted By:Amy Kliven

Zula 6/7/2005-12/7/11

Lexie was such a loving, happy and quirky girl. She was our first greyhound and opened up such a wonderful world to us. Her smile was a mile long and she never met a stranger, demanding pets and to lean up against everyone. She was a fantastic ambassador at meet and greets and represented everything wonderful about this breed. It broke our hearts when she left us unexpectedly at 6 1/2 years old. She left an indelible mark on our lives and our soul that will be with us always.

Smooth Brinkley

Pet Name:Brinkley
Bridge Date:3/9/2016
Color:White & Brindle
Sire:Jimbo Scotty
Dam:Primco Bird Eyes
Submitted By:The Day Family

Smooth Brinkley — 5/10/2008 – 3/9/2016

Today we said goodbye to a sweet, gentle soul. We recently discovered Brinkley had a large mass in her abdomen. After further exams and consultation with an oncologist, we decided there was nothing more we could do. We said our goodbyes, then allowed her to cross the bridge.

Brinkley, you were our boomerang girl: the foster that got away but returned to us. We are so thankful you spent your final years as a member of our pack. Run pain free Binky Jane. We’ll miss you.

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The End of the Race

Quick as lightning we sped
'round the track
paws thundering heavily to stay
with the pack.
To the finish we flew, exhausted
and spent
straining for the mark, our
heads downward bent.

We ran for the love and the
thrill of the chase;
for the pride and the joy we
felt when we raced.
Surrounded by friends all
rooing and playing,
we knew at some point that
we wouldn't be staying.

Still fleet and quite nimble,
those days long are past.
We now enjoy romps and
runs through the grass,
to the arms of our loved ones
waiting there crouched,
or to our favorite spot on the
end of the couch.

And when our time comes,
we'll face it with pride.
by the side of our loved ones,
their tears trying to hide..
They gave us their love and we
gave it right back..
Now we await their arrival at
the end of the track.

For the race now is over. The
hard work is done.
We'll walk 'cross the bridge when
we again see the one
whose arms we remember down
low in a crouch
calling our names as we
wiggle about.

Happily we'll run and leap
into those arms.
We'll cuddle and roo as they
keep us from harm.
Then we'll both leave together
and head on our way,
to spend the rest of forever
enjoying a new day.