AT’s Luke

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Luke
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Birthday: July 20, 2015
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer
Dam: USS Time To Go
Cats: Correctable
Sponsor: Midland greyhounds Joanie, Cora, and Mia

Luke just retired to AFG with 154 races to his credit!  He’s a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Luke be the hound for you??

Luke has been in our home for about 3 weeks. When he first arrived he was very nervous and pacing. However, as we approached the 2nd week, his personality blossomed and he did a 180. He is very confident, playful and loves the other pups. He mastered the stairs, sleeps all night, and gets in at least 2 zoomies a day. He is on the active side for a 5 year old, but it usually involves him running through the house with toys, throwing them up in the air and totally emptying the toy box, then I let him outside for zoomies and he’s good for a long nap. He has tried to share beds with my hounds and is constantly trying to lay by them to no avail. He has met more than a few snarls and warnings from my hound and small dog, but he takes it all in stride, never returning any attitude. Luke is very affectionate and would do best with a home that isn’t gone long hours. He does crate, but after 6 hours, he does start whining,{ not barking}, but once he starts he usually keeps it up. For this reason, I don’t think an apartment would be a great fit. Luke is probably cat correctable with an experienced family who is very diligent, but I think life would be easier without a cat. He is great with our chihuahua though, who is actually smaller than our cat.

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